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The Departure of Karl Lagerfeld February 21, 2019

Driving to the Academy for the Oscar nominated documentary selections for this year, Francisco learns that Karl Lagerfeld, of whose life and work he was a scholar, passed away. Here is Francisco’s impromptu appreciation of the person and his unique impact on others. Karl was more than an icon, he was the last modernist in fashion.

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Circus as Film / Circus in Film / Film as Circus February 15, 2019

Francisco’s ringside analysis of the circus as a metaphor for film, discussing Federico Fellini’s quasi-documentary, “The Clowns” alongside Wim Wenders’s “Wings of Desire” and other works. Nostalgia fills the fate of this world, “All the circuses have become stages,” claims a retired clown, characters, like so many others, left in an empty sadness. Has cultural film followed this fate?

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How Science Misunderstands Creativity December 16, 2018

Looking at a summary of current scientific thinking on creativity, Francisco finds important flaws in methods and approaches that narrowly study the mystery of what it means to create.

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Avicii: A Portrait in Life, Music, and Film. December 10, 2018

Francisco discusses the short, virtuosic life of Swedish DJ Avicii, and “Avicii: True Stories”, a revealing documentary shot over five years and across more than forty countries.

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Film, Unstruck November 29, 2018

Film’s great age has passed, but it has been preserved in VHS, DVD’s, Blu-Ray, and lately streaming platforms. But like VHS and DVDs, streaming can die — and much more suddenly. Francisco reveals that the solution to cultural preservation of the moving image has been with us all along.

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Francisco Ricardo Speaks About His Childhood in Cuba November 7, 2018

In this compelling autobiographical video, Francisco Ricardo describes his childhood and his family members’ experience with Castro’s Cuba and their difficult exodus from Cuba. The video includes ethereal music, personal narration, and images from Cuba:

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Vespers for Adrienne October 31, 2018

An instrumental composition for Adrienne Chamberlin, co-founder of Conceptualist Films, kind friend, wise producer, and patient Guide in creative production and in life. Adrienne ascended to spirit on October 12, 2018.

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Oct 12, 2018 Driving to the Akashic Medium October 25, 2018

As Francisco drives to visit a powerful medium, knowing Adrienne has little time to live, he shares his thoughts about her, about music, and more. On his way there, he receives an important call.

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Aug 26, 2018 Sadness in Deer Isle October 19, 2018

In August, 2018, Francisco visited Deer Isle, Maine to see producer and friend Adrienne Chamberlin, whom he hasn’t seen in six months. Seeing how Adrienne, who has been fighting a brain tumor, will not likely recover, he shares what she has meant to his life and work.

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“Kusama – Infinity” – A Film Review September 26, 2018

Hello! After years of quiet formation in Japan, young Yayoi Kusama moved to New York City and struggled to become an artist. But the American 1960’s was not open to women artists, and eventually, she returned to Japan, but now is the among the most recognizable, prolific, and influential celebrated artists of the last forty years. Now a film, “Kusama – Infinity” captures her stormy personal voyage.

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