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Hollywood Reporter Review is in and is Positive, Thoughtful November 27, 2014


Hello, everyone! It’s almost Thanksgiving in the US, and the start of a crazy holiday season. Here on the West Coast, it’s a very balmy day, for which I am very thankful. All too soon we’ll be back on the East Coast and into winter, despite the calendar. However – how can that dampen our spirits here at CF?

Sunday, November 17th we screened F FOR FRANCO at the NoHo Arts Center in North Hollywood. It was very well-received and the Q & A with Francisco after was filled with thoughtful questions about the ideas presented in the documentary, or film essay. The very next day a thoughtful, and very positive review came out in The Hollywood Reporter, which is posted below. It’s the kind of review everyone wants for their film, and especially their first, very experimental conceptual film.

As with anything new, not everyone is going to like it. The review contains a few negative comments about the film, mostly directed at Francisco being an unknown director. But everyone is unknown at first – you have to start somewhere. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and this film is not for everyone. You have to be willing to take the ride to the end, to listen and realize you are not looking at a “normal” film at all. If you find you don’t like it, that’s fine – no one loves every film. One person walked out before the end and the Q & A, so we don’t know how much he/she actually saw, and in so doing – People’s Critic” missed a chance to ask Francisco questions about his process of directing, about the interviews/conversations with James, etc.

BUT, the review, the positive comments at the screening, and in the review’s comments as well, show us one thing – Conceptualist Films has Arrived With a New Brand of Film! For those who like the experimental in style and in concept – this film’s for you.

The Hollywood Reporter Review

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Conceptualist Films – Film Screening in N. Hollywood November 11, 2014

FFFHoliday Stills FFFHoliday Stills2 FFFHoliday Stills3


Hello and welcome to Media Monday on Tuesday; this time – it’s stills taken from our film, F FOR FRANCO. It’s a small album to preview our film, being screened this coming Sunday, Nov. 16th at the NoHo Arts Center inΒ  North Hollywood (11136 Magnolia Blvd. 818.508.7101). The film starts at 7pm, with a Q & A with the director, Francisco, directly following the film. This film is not an sensationalist piece on Franco, nor is it a biopic into his life; rather, it explores some of his own earlier art and film work from his creative standpoint. The film takes a journey into his creative process – what he thinks about and considers as he plans and executes his vision in his various projects, and the possible implications of that for other artists. Francisco and Franco have conversations in such places as the Chateau Marmont and the LA Theatre, and the film contains rarely, if ever, seen before footage.

If you’re in the area, and are interested in seeing Franco in an experimental film unlike other documentaries, please give the NoHo Arts Center a call and join us. Hope to see you there!

FFFHoliday Stills4 FFFHoliday Stills5 FFFHoliday Stills6Β  FFFHoliday Stills7 FFFHoliday Stills8JF-1

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Rabbit! Rabbit! November begins with an announcement! November 4, 2014

Hi everyone! Media Monday is nearly over in my time zone, but I might squeak it in. Technically, you’re supposed to utter Rabbit! Rabbit! on the first of each month – the first words you say of the month, as well. Why? According to British tradition, it will bring good luck for the whole of the month. Not a bad deal, IF you can remember to do it before you say something else. πŸ™‚


We’re excited to announce that F FOR FRANCO will be screening on Sunday, November 16th at 7pm at the NoHo Arts Center in North Hollywood! It’s a great chance to view the film and give us some feedback. If you’re going to be in the area, please call 818.508.7101 if you’re interested in going to see it. There will be a Q & A session afterward with the director (obviously, Francisco) to further discuss the ideas presented in the film.



And for your media bit, a leftover from last week’s Facebook post – a full track from Soundcloud instead of a sample (no video this time, though) –

You can buy the track or the album from the player on the website, or Amazon or iTunes. More soon!

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The Conceptualist and James Franco – Friday Evening Edition! September 26, 2014

Here’s your Friday Evening Edition of The Conceptualist! In this quiet, meditative show, hear about a point in time in James Franco’s life that I think we all have experienced at one point or another – the need to do something, to change something about our lives. Enjoy and enjoy your weekend! πŸ™‚ My broken record – click to watch…



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Cut To Jay, Francisco, (and James Franco) Conceptualist pt.3 September 9, 2014

It’s Media Monday on Tuesday – now a regular item for us.

Welcome back to The Conceptualist! Episode 4, but we decided to do a little shuffling around – you’ll find out why soon ( πŸ˜‰ ) – and make it #3 instead.

In this episode, two of James’ former teachers – Jay Anania of NYU, and Francisco, formerly of Rhode Island School of Design, discuss the artistic inspiration behind some the early films that Franco made (Kenneth Anger, for example), and what Franco was exploring in his projects at NYU.

This colorful piece serves as an excellent introduction to our film, and does what several of our posts (and videos on our Youtube channel – subscribe to get all of the latest videos on all of our documentary subjects!) do – it uses B-roll footage to add to one’s understanding of a film we’re working on before you see it, rather than being tacked on to the end of a film as deleted scenes, or never seen at all. Enjoy!


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Cue the Eiffel Tower and the Conceptualist (pt. 2) September 2, 2014

It’s Media Monday on Tuesday again! I hope Labor Day was good for everyone, and that September continues to be nice weather-wise. It was a busy August here at Conceptualist Films, including the beginning of our web show, a finished music album by Francisco, and a trip to LA where we had a shoot with Arturo Sandoval. It was a very busy but fun month!

Now it is high time to introduce the second in our web series. This one is almost sparse in comparison to the first, but the noir look and style will have you shaking your head, wondering how that magic was accomplished by Francisco.

The topic is about film and setting – how so much of a film focuses squarely on the people involved, leaving the setting as just a little background noise, necessary to give characters a place in which to interact with one another. In this show, Francisco offers his idea of what the architecture itself of a building (e.g. the Eiffel Tower) can do for a film. Click and enjoy!


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Francisco is The Conceptualist August 5, 2014

Welcome back to Media Monday on Tuesday! Our website, as well as our YouTube channel (Conceptualist Films), will now be host to a web show called “The Conceptualist.” It’s about, well, whatever we want it to be about. It could be a meditation or reflection on a particular movie, it could be a nonsensical interview with the philosopher Hegel’s bookmark, and it will often be about the films we’re making.

And here is the Introduction to what I think will be a fun and informative show! Let us know what you think! Click below for the video.


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On the Subject of Subjects – James Franco July 7, 2014

Our films are shot using digital cameras, which has many advantages when it comes to editing. You’ve seen two short examples of that from Francisco. Now, it’s high time to discuss one of the several documentaries we’re currently working on. As was previously mentioned, Francisco taught digital art theory at RISD. In 2010, James Franco enrolled in his class. Then, as now, Franco was interested in being more than an actor – he wanted to continue his studies in writing and art as well as performance and directing. When Francisco decided to become a filmmaker, James became the first subject. Francisco and he engaged in many conversations, having kept up a friendly relationship with each other after the class was over. The two discussed his creative process, the ideas behind his own art and films – not the ones for which he’s famous, but the more artistically free projects he conceived and executed, particularly from the years 2010-2012.

The documentary, known for its talking-head format and set structure, never finds purchase here. What you’ll see are a series of conversations Francisco and Franco had over the months and years, footage shot by Francisco on various shoots to which he was invited, such as the LA Theater and The Chateau Marmont, as well as footage provided by Franco and some of the artists with whom he’s collaborated. Francisco did much of the editing, and his style is unique and interesting to watch – your eyes are never bored! We haven’t made a trailer but instead a series of related short videos (called “nuages” – French for cloud) on our Youtube channel:

Here’s an example of what I mean – just click on the photo!

check this out

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This Just In! Orson and Francisco June 30, 2014

Francisco often does a lot of experimenting with his projects, from shooting to editing to writing the music for just about everything you’re going to see here. Yes, he does it all! Here is something he created using some of the tricks he’s found and improved upon. Just click on the photo and let us know what you think of it!

check this out

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