Avi Loeb and Interstellar Questions

Below is the frontispiece of The Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems (Dialogo sopra i due massimi sistemi del mondo), a 1632 Italian language book by…

From Prayer to Reality

  Brainstorming about Brain Activity It is well known that, in confirming its preference for objectivity, science makes virtually no room for internal psychic processes,…

Disclosure and its Myths

We reflect on government-led UFO disclosure and its problematic history and context: https://franciscoricardo.substack.com/p/disclosure-and-its-myths

Mystical Participation

How a range of messages, from architecture to a warning given to a UFO abductee, relate to experiences beyond one’s sense of self: https://franciscoricardo.substack.com/p/mystical-participation

Detours on the Path to Unity

Read why you aren’t as alone as you need to be; an  exploration of inner coherence crucial for seeing self and world clearly.

Predicting UAP Disclosure

Read why the answer may already be within us: https://franciscoricardo.substack.com/p/predicting-uap-disclosure