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Circus as Film / Circus in Film / Film as Circus February 15, 2019

Francisco’s ringside analysis of the circus as a metaphor for film, discussing Federico Fellini’s quasi-documentary, “The Clowns” alongside Wim Wenders’s “Wings of Desire” and other works. Nostalgia fills the fate of this world, “All the circuses have become stages,” claims a retired clown, characters, like so many others, left in an empty sadness. Has cultural film followed this fate?

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How Science Misunderstands Creativity December 16, 2018

Looking at a summary of current scientific thinking on creativity, Francisco finds important flaws in methods and approaches that narrowly study the mystery of what it means to create.

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Avicii: A Portrait in Life, Music, and Film. December 10, 2018

Francisco discusses the short, virtuosic life of Swedish DJ Avicii, and “Avicii: True Stories”, a revealing documentary shot over five years and across more than forty countries.

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Film, Unstruck November 29, 2018

Film’s great age has passed, but it has been preserved in VHS, DVD’s, Blu-Ray, and lately streaming platforms. But like VHS and DVDs, streaming can die — and much more suddenly. Francisco reveals that the solution to cultural preservation of the moving image has been with us all along.

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How the Film “Red Sparrow” Takes Us Beyond the Morality of “Citizenship” March 21, 2018

Happy Wednesday, and for some, Happy Spring!
So, the West and the Russians have built myth-worlds demonizing each other. But what moral choice is there when our actions are engineered by ideologies? This film’s critics failed to understand that political narratives are about controlling choices, not images. Take a good beverage and enjoy this new podcast episode. Cheers!

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Left…With Doubts November 21, 2017

Art is the only market where it’s desirable to pay high prices and not look under the hood, and when it comes to questionable work, if the price is high enough, the art automatically becomes authentic. Francisco examines the supposed Leonardo against the artist’s other portraits and finds a curious break with form.

We might remember that all forgeries sold at auction, like the recent fake Rothko, were authenticated by… experts. This leads us to mention a film we are shooting about fake art and real genius — and how the two are not mutually exclusive. Listen to new music as you enjoy this art analysis!

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Chaplin Starting – Pt.1 July 15, 2017

Happy Saturday, everyone! Remember Charlie Chaplin, his smile, his unforgettable characters, and his domination of Hollywood and the developing movie era? On a dark and stormy night some days back, Francisco drove around the city streets, telling us a fascinating history of Charles Chaplin. In part 1, we tackle his early days of performing. Enjoy!

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Art & Authenticity May 12, 2017

It’s Fearless Friday! We’re very excited to announce that in a few weeks, our film, “F For Franco”, will have a wide online release! Look for more extra material, etc. in the next few days/weeks/months! Visit our FFF Facebook Page, as well! Today, Francisco ponders aloud how people react when finding out a beloved car, painting, or object is not, in fact, “real.” What about people – finding out they are not who you thought they were? What if the person or persons were manipulating their identities? What is that? That’s “F For Franco”! Enjoy your weekend!

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Orson On The Margins May 6, 2017

Happy Birthday, Orson Welles! Here, to commemorate his birthday, we offer a brief bit of news regarding Orson’s papers, and remember a few of his obscure but memorable works and appearances, from a recording where Francisco pondered some media history coinciding with Orson’s later life. Happy Saturday!

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Fashion, Space, and the Fabric for a New Age April 14, 2017

Happy Friday! For some, it’s Good Friday; for others, another day of celebrating Passover. Here, it’s fashion for the 2017-18 Autumn Winter season. Join Francisco in this insightful short film about fashion in the Space Age, and the search for something new. Enjoy!

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