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Cut To Jay, Francisco, (and James Franco) Conceptualist pt.3 September 9, 2014

It’s Media Monday on Tuesday – now a regular item for us.

Welcome back to The Conceptualist! Episode 4, but we decided to do a little shuffling around – you’ll find out why soon ( 😉 ) – and make it #3 instead.

In this episode, two of James’ former teachers – Jay Anania of NYU, and Francisco, formerly of Rhode Island School of Design, discuss the artistic inspiration behind some the early films that Franco made (Kenneth Anger, for example), and what Franco was exploring in his projects at NYU.

This colorful piece serves as an excellent introduction to our film, and does what several of our posts (and videos on our Youtube channel – subscribe to get all of the latest videos on all of our documentary subjects!) do – it uses B-roll footage to add to one’s understanding of a film we’re working on before you see it, rather than being tacked on to the end of a film as deleted scenes, or never seen at all. Enjoy!


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Arturo Sandoval Makes An Entrance! August 5, 2014

It’s always great to be in Boston, but when yet another of our documentary subjects (that’s three now, in the works) comes to play in Copley Square, it’s even better! This year’s 3rd Annual Boston Summer Arts Weekend featured a large group of performance artists who came together for a FREE concert in Copley Square! A huge stage was put up in front of Trinity Church, facing the Boston Public Library, and for two days the Square was filled with people thoroughly enjoying themselves. Even the few hours of rain on Sunday didn’t drive people too far away, and they came back with the sun!

Arturo Sandoval is a jazz trumpeter. A nine-time Grammy Award-winning, 2013 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, and legend in the jazz world jazz trumpeter.  I don’t think I need say more about this extraordinary man and his talents. Francisco met him in California through a mutual friend, and soon decided a film should be made about his musical virtuosity, influences (including Dizzy Gillespie, a huge influence on Arturo both personally and professionally), and life philosophy. Sandoval came into town in the wee smalls Sunday morning, and blew everyone away with his trumpet and his accompanying sextet.


Here are a few photos taken on the day


IMG_4334 IMG_4336 IMG_4340 IMG_4347 ASBehindtheScenes IMG_4368

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On the Subject of Subjects – James Franco July 7, 2014

Our films are shot using digital cameras, which has many advantages when it comes to editing. You’ve seen two short examples of that from Francisco. Now, it’s high time to discuss one of the several documentaries we’re currently working on. As was previously mentioned, Francisco taught digital art theory at RISD. In 2010, James Franco enrolled in his class. Then, as now, Franco was interested in being more than an actor – he wanted to continue his studies in writing and art as well as performance and directing. When Francisco decided to become a filmmaker, James became the first subject. Francisco and he engaged in many conversations, having kept up a friendly relationship with each other after the class was over. The two discussed his creative process, the ideas behind his own art and films – not the ones for which he’s famous, but the more artistically free projects he conceived and executed, particularly from the years 2010-2012.

The documentary, known for its talking-head format and set structure, never finds purchase here. What you’ll see are a series of conversations Francisco and Franco had over the months and years, footage shot by Francisco on various shoots to which he was invited, such as the LA Theater and The Chateau Marmont, as well as footage provided by Franco and some of the artists with whom he’s collaborated. Francisco did much of the editing, and his style is unique and interesting to watch – your eyes are never bored! We haven’t made a trailer but instead a series of related short videos (called “nuages” – French for cloud) on our Youtube channel:

Here’s an example of what I mean – just click on the photo!

check this out

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