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Stop the Presses! A New Direction For CF! August 19, 2014

Exciting News!! Conceptualist Films has a new direction – as a record label! That’s right, through the “magic” of CDBaby and DIY music publishing/distributing, we’ve expanded to include music. Here’s why:

Francisco, founder of the company and resident polymath, has been writing music for years. He has composed an amazing collection of electronic music that ranges from ethereal to progressive trance, and all that can lie in-between.

One day, as thought there weren’t enough to keep us busy, I (Adrienne 🙂 ) suggested he sell his music, since I love it. If you’ve watched any of our videos on our YouTube channel, and enjoyed the music as well as the images, Francisco has written it all. And so he sat down and wrote a whole album in what has to be record time (excuse the pun). It’s called Adding and Subtracting, and is now available on iTunes .

We’ll soon have physical CDs as well, and I’m in the beginning stages of planning a release party, but as is our wont here at CF, here is a sample for you to enjoy. I have produced a video for one of the tracks. The version for sale differs somewhat from this one, but both are brilliant! And yes, it’s one of our favorites!


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Francisco is The Conceptualist August 5, 2014

Welcome back to Media Monday on Tuesday! Our website, as well as our YouTube channel (Conceptualist Films), will now be host to a web show called “The Conceptualist.” It’s about, well, whatever we want it to be about. It could be a meditation or reflection on a particular movie, it could be a nonsensical interview with the philosopher Hegel’s bookmark, and it will often be about the films we’re making.

And here is the Introduction to what I think will be a fun and informative show! Let us know what you think! Click below for the video.


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Press Release – Conceptualist Films Born! June 22, 2014

Hello everyone, and welcome to our website! We are the documentary film production company formerly known as NHC GROUP MEDIA. We are very proud of the work produced under that name; however, we felt that we need a name more in keeping with our vision – and so Conceptualist Films was born.

The angry red line underneath the word (as I write this post) indicates that in a typical dictionary, “conceptualist” is not a proper word. Perfect, for we don’t want to be typical in the films we create! Our Founder and Director, Francisco José Ricardo, had the idea that while there are innumerable wonderful documentaries out there to enjoy and from which to learn, they generally follow a similar format – a three-part structure to take you on the journey of discovery, usually including a lot of “talking head” discussion. Francisco and Conceptualist films (or CF) want to shy away from that format and make films that are visually very different from what you might think of when you think of documentaries. Engaging, thought-provoking, and innovative are the words that drive our work.

So, what will you see here? Information on our latest ideas, from feature-length documentaries to shorter film essays, tidbits of our works-in-progress, and we’d like to develop ways in which this website can be interactive, so you as the reader are a participant in the process as well.

I’ll close this introductory  post with a video from our YouTube channel – wherein I, Adrienne Chamberlin, come into contact with a green screen, and via the clever, creative hand of our Director Francisco

and click the image below to watch the result of that encounter:




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