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The Uncanny Familiar May 10, 2015

A brilliant Sunday to you all! Do you ever stop and think about the familiar? How sometimes you feel you share a consciousness with someone or a group, you’re so connected to the other? Or, how something that once was so familiar feels different when revisiting it after being away, even if nothing has actually changed? Here is another short film in which Francisco reflects on the “Familiar.”


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Francisco’s Friday Fanfare February 21, 2015

Hello everyone! Hot off the music presses is a just-released single by Francisco – The Jaco Groove. At this precise moment, it’s only available by clicking the picture and following the link to hear a clip and buy the tune. But for those suffering through a brutal winter – this is just the song the doctor (Ricardo) ordered!

And don’t forget to check out his album, Adding and Subtracting – available by track or whole album (including physical CDs) everywhere. See you soon.

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Sunday Special! September 14, 2014

It’s Sunday, and I hope you are all doing well. Just a quick post today, a video of another track from Francisco’s album, Adding and Subtracting . It’s not quite all of the song, but if you like it, you can buy the track and/or the album on iTunes, Amazon, and the link in the sidebar of the website. Enjoy and feel the wind in your face! 🙂

As always, click to watch and enjoy:


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