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Francisco Talks with a Legend, Quincy Jones December 5, 2014

Hello – today’s post will be called Photo Friday, as I had planned to give you a video, but it just wasn’t ready yet. And so, with that said, and as our editor puts the final touches to the Franco Film, with some new music by Francisco, we move along with our film on Arturo Sandoval.

Monday, November 17th, one day after our successful screening of the Franco film, we were very fortunate and privileged to visit the legendary (and I know I don’t exaggerate here) Quincy Jones. What was meant to be a simple, even straightforward interview during the early evening instead became a nearly 4-hr. (if not somewhat over) conversation between Francisco and Quincy Jones. The two hit it off like kindred spirits, their souls connecting instantly, with conversation touching on people and topics of all kinds, from musicians to philosophy to spirituality. The time flew by, and was really only brought to a close by the limitations of technology, i.e., cameras running out of memory and battery trying to capture every moment. It was such a rich and lengthy conversation that I feel quite certain that there is more here to use than just the aspects which relate to Arturo, and look forward to hopefully doing a project of some sort with him. Right now you’ll see just a small collection of photos from the evening. Quincy even had a laptop brought in to show Francisco some video of a young artist he admired, and you’ll see a couple of shots of the two of them looking intently at an nearly invisible (to us) screen.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Q12 Q11 Q10 Q9 Q8 Q7 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6

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The Conversation with Andy Garcia October 23, 2014

AndyStills15Hello, everyone! What a wet, wild, windy Wednesday night! But it was beautiful on Friday, 3 October when we arrived at Andy Garcia’s office to shoot an interview with the actor/director/producer for our documentary on Arturo Sandoval. Francisco has a gift for asking thoughtful questions and having a conversation with his interviewees, rather than conducting a conventional interview. The two discussed Arturo and musicians like him, leaving their home country in order to have the freedom to play the music they want to. Here are some stills from the shoot. 🙂




Andy Resized6

Andy Resized5

Andy Resized4

Andy Resized3

Andy Resized2

Andy Resized1

Andy Resized

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Stop the Presses! A New Direction For CF! August 19, 2014

Exciting News!! Conceptualist Films has a new direction – as a record label! That’s right, through the “magic” of CDBaby and DIY music publishing/distributing, we’ve expanded to include music. Here’s why:

Francisco, founder of the company and resident polymath, has been writing music for years. He has composed an amazing collection of electronic music that ranges from ethereal to progressive trance, and all that can lie in-between.

One day, as thought there weren’t enough to keep us busy, I (Adrienne 🙂 ) suggested he sell his music, since I love it. If you’ve watched any of our videos on our YouTube channel, and enjoyed the music as well as the images, Francisco has written it all. And so he sat down and wrote a whole album in what has to be record time (excuse the pun). It’s called Adding and Subtracting, and is now available on iTunes .

We’ll soon have physical CDs as well, and I’m in the beginning stages of planning a release party, but as is our wont here at CF, here is a sample for you to enjoy. I have produced a video for one of the tracks. The version for sale differs somewhat from this one, but both are brilliant! And yes, it’s one of our favorites!


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Arturo Sandoval Makes An Entrance! August 5, 2014

It’s always great to be in Boston, but when yet another of our documentary subjects (that’s three now, in the works) comes to play in Copley Square, it’s even better! This year’s 3rd Annual Boston Summer Arts Weekend featured a large group of performance artists who came together for a FREE concert in Copley Square! A huge stage was put up in front of Trinity Church, facing the Boston Public Library, and for two days the Square was filled with people thoroughly enjoying themselves. Even the few hours of rain on Sunday didn’t drive people too far away, and they came back with the sun!

Arturo Sandoval is a jazz trumpeter. A nine-time Grammy Award-winning, 2013 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, and legend in the jazz world jazz trumpeter.  I don’t think I need say more about this extraordinary man and his talents. Francisco met him in California through a mutual friend, and soon decided a film should be made about his musical virtuosity, influences (including Dizzy Gillespie, a huge influence on Arturo both personally and professionally), and life philosophy. Sandoval came into town in the wee smalls Sunday morning, and blew everyone away with his trumpet and his accompanying sextet.


Here are a few photos taken on the day


IMG_4334 IMG_4336 IMG_4340 IMG_4347 ASBehindtheScenes IMG_4368

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