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A Childhood in Cuba – a Podcast August 9, 2015

Hello! I had to re-post this as I made a slight error in the YouTube link. I have something “old” and new for you today. I’m re-posting Francisco’s intensely personal journey through his first seven years in Cuba before leaving for Spain, this time in podcast form, so you won’t see it here. In case you missed it the first time, you can re-visit it on our YouTube channel

or catch our podcast on iTunes (search for The Conceptualist – Podcast). Amongst his memories are José Echeverría, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and the famous La Coppelia.

And for the new, a brand-new composition by Francisco, “Je Me Souviens”, or, I remember.Enjoy!

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Friends and Film February 24, 2015

Media Monday on Tuesday, and it’s another podcast! Today, Francisco takes us on a walk into the memory of a childhood friend, and catching up with him some 20 years later. The two shared many interests growing up, and in this piece Francisco reflects on the difference the years can make in a friendship and in the choices (and surprises) one makes for art and film.

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The Conceptualist – Bring Forth the Podcast February 17, 2015

Happy Media Monday on Tuesday, everyone! Here is CF’s introductory podcast on, what else? Film! But as with everything Conceptualist – the range of podcast topics can run the gamut of the art world, the film world, music, philosophy – the list is endless. Here, Francisco discusses the issues and conventions he finds in filmmaking today. Looking forward to sharing thoughts and video podcasts (ok, vodcasts) with you as well!

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