Cue the Eiffel Tower and the Conceptualist (pt. 2)

It’s Media Monday on Tuesday again! I hope Labor Day was good for everyone, and that September continues to be nice weather-wise. It was a busy August here at Conceptualist Films, including the beginning of our web show, a finished music album by Francisco, and a trip to LA where we had a shoot with Arturo Sandoval. It was a very busy but fun month!

Now it is high time to introduce the second in our web series. This one is almost sparse in comparison to the first, but the noir look and style will have you shaking your head, wondering how that magic was accomplished by Francisco.

The topic is about film and setting – how so much of a film focuses squarely on the people involved, leaving the setting as just a little background noise, necessary to give characters a place in which to interact with one another. In this show, Francisco offers his idea of what the architecture itself of a building (e.g. the Eiffel Tower) can do for a film. Click and enjoy!