Singular Within
This is a complex, meditative album with flowing, haunting chants and rhythms This is the third album of Francisco Jose Ricardo, a collection of eleven songs flowing together in a long meditation. Born in Cuba, then living in Spain before finally moving to NYC at age nine, he grew up surrounded by music. Francisco studied with John Scofield, and played guitar in several jazz bands. He didn’t become a professional musician, however, choosing instead to go into academia, where he taught digital art theory at the Rhode Island School of Design. But he never stopped making music. His compositions now take on more of an electronic style, sometimes falling into what could be termed ambient music, sometimes considerably more house, neither of which making a complete definition. He has now turned his hand to documentary filmmaking, scoring the music for his first film on James Franco’s art and film work, as well as composing all of the accompanying video notes and short film essays for each film his company has in production

Groove Morphisms

Released in 2015, this complex eclectic sound creates counterpoints from Jaco-like bass lines to Digweed-like sound layers in rhapsodic cycles where tunes return to their original themes after harmonic variations.

Adding and Subtracting

Released in 2014, this collection of progressive electronic tracks represents Francisco's widest span of musical sentiments from triumphant to resolved.


This 2016 album of 8 tracks is a sophisticated mix of electro-pop with a edge.


Meridians (2017) is a chilled mix of electronic grooves, freeing your mind and getting you through the day - or night.

Minimal Souvenirs

Minimal Souvenirs (2016) is the fourth album from Francisco, a joyful, celebratory, and funky album filled with complex rhythms. Each tune takes its own journey, with its own color and a self-conscious sense of its own time. It is an instrumental album, as with his previous three, with a strong sense of melody and motif, and can be described as minimalist funk in a major key.

Sound Seance

Francisco just keeps on going and grooving with Sound Seance, a 2017 collection of nine upbeat tracks, intelligently written and performed. Listen while you get ready for work, creation, or play, while you're eating or having that first cup of coffee. Listen throughout the day for inspiration.

F for Franco (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Energetic at times, reflective at others - welcome to the 2016 soundtrack of this most original film.