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My Journey Across Psychology April 15, 2018

Hello! I hope you are enjoying the weekend. In a recent episode into “The Mind of Francisco Ricardo,” Francisco recalls a conversation with a psychologist in Los Angeles one night in “My Journey Across Psychology.”

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Art Versus Architecture: A Phenomenology of Difference April 6, 2018

Hello! Art and architecture, as two parts of a society’s culture, perform very different roles, influencing our lives in different programmed ways. Francisco delves into the purpose and problems of art and architecture in this new episode. Enjoy!

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How the Film “Red Sparrow” Takes Us Beyond the Morality of “Citizenship” March 21, 2018

Happy Wednesday, and for some, Happy Spring!
So, the West and the Russians have built myth-worlds demonizing each other. But what moral choice is there when our actions are engineered by ideologies? This film’s critics failed to understand that political narratives are about controlling choices, not images. Take a good beverage and enjoy this new podcast episode. Cheers!

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New Turmoil at MOCA March 16, 2018

Hello! Happy St. Patrick’s Day this weekend. In this episode, Francisco provides us the context concerning persons involved in a new controversy at the L.A. Museum of Contemporary Art over the sudden firing of Helen Molesworth, its chief curator. This development follows similar stormy difficulties at the museum since 2000.

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Arturo Sandoval: Heart and Music – Feature Length Documentary February 22, 2018

As Francisco has said on other occasions, the dream of escaping oppression is no less real now than it was years ago. Now Francisco walks you through his upcoming documentary “Arturo Sandoval: Heart and Music” featuring the story, music, and heroes in the life of jazz genius Arturo Sandoval, who escaped Cuba to become the greatest living jazz trumpeter of our time.

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Casablanca as Filmic Prophecy for Today February 8, 2018

The dream of escaping oppression is no less real now than it was during WWII. “Casablanca,” one of our most beloved films, is still very real and relevant today, offering us a film that combined a modern romance with fighting the Nazi regime for a new start in the free world. Taking a look at his own personal history in Communist Cuba, and the stories of the aspiring actors “Americanizing” their immigrant names to further their careers post -wartime, Francisco takes us down a creative road (in Hollywood), as the process of creating films adapts and grows through the decades.

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The Despite Factor February 5, 2018

As we close out January, Francisco has a podcast to enjoy –
The Despite Factor

How often are we defeated by obstacles? In 35 incantatory minutes, Francisco makes a case for redefining challenges as much less than they seem, using as context the prodigiously difficult life of artist Max Ernst.

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On Morrissey and the End of the 1980’s January 24, 2018

At the end of the 1980’s, Reaganism in the U.S. and Thatcherism in the U.K. left young people with a sense of unusual vulnerability and loss. Morrissey and The Smiths gave the world the most serious and honest reflection of that alienation. Enjoy this new episode inside the Mind of Francisco Ricardo.

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New Podcast Launched! December 28, 2017

Hello! It is with pleasure that we announce a new podcast series by Francisco Ricardo. Here, he reflects on the intersection of media, history, philosophy, and all the arts. From using subtle judgment, to discussing great Masters like Rembrandt, a new Renaissance of cultural horizons falls under his careful gaze, as he employs a format that is different and more conversational than conventional podcasts. Join us as we travel this new road. Enjoy.

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Left…With Doubts November 21, 2017

Art is the only market where it’s desirable to pay high prices and not look under the hood, and when it comes to questionable work, if the price is high enough, the art automatically becomes authentic. Francisco examines the supposed Leonardo against the artist’s other portraits and finds a curious break with form.

We might remember that all forgeries sold at auction, like the recent fake Rothko, were authenticated by… experts. This leads us to mention a film we are shooting about fake art and real genius — and how the two are not mutually exclusive. Listen to new music as you enjoy this art analysis!

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