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The Paradox of Time Management February 25, 2020

Francisco reflects on the intersection of money and time and how our modern lives are a constant struggle to stay on schedule. As part of this rumination, he examines the paradox of giving our time for the sake of money and how this trade-off inevitably interferes with the artist’s time for creative work.

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The Myth of the Real in Art February 8, 2020

The skill visually evident in a work of art was once the main reason for appreciating it. Later, the signature of the artist became the main factor in its value. The artist’s name, however, is a myth not captured in the artwork, and is often not based on real life. What is real in art appreciation, then?

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Rejection, Resilience, Transcendence January 25, 2020

For his first podcast of 2020, Francisco examines our contemporary obsession with acceptance and rejection and encourages fearlessness and unconditional devotion for the sake of creativity that arrives through inspiration and selfless generosity.

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Have Documentaries Alienated Us From Global Realities? December 31, 2019

Francisco closes out 2019 with cautionary skepticism toward documentary films depicting human drama but which lack explanation, leaving us in worlds of fragmented suffering. Political documentaries should explain how global interests operate, and be realistic about whether individuals living in democracies can influence events in international crises.

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Film, Forgery, Friendship – How Each Touches the Other December 14, 2019

Francisco discusses the challenges of making documentary films, and his next project on what a friendship with the world’s most notorious art forger, the genius painter Elmyr de Hory, says about art.

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David Amram’s Loving Tribute to Arturo Sandoval December 3, 2019

Recently the legendary composer, orchestrator, multi-instrumentalist, and author David Amram celebrated his 89th birthday with his usual youthful love of music, memory, and friendship at the Zebulon Cafe in Los Angeles and our cameras were lucky to capture the evening magic. Here is a small tribute to the great Arturo Sandoval, whom David met in Dizzy Gillespie’s historic voyage to Havana in 1977. David plays a composition he had written while on the voyage from New Orleans to Cuba, and here dedicates it to Arturo. Enjoy!

Amram Video

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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood November 29, 2019

Francisco reviews the Tom Hanks character study of Fred Rogers, whose work in Public Television transformed children’s learning about life, and defines what “great” means as a descriptive term for film.

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Martin Scorsese and the Two Ingredients of Cinema November 14, 2019

Legendary film director Martin Scorsese’s recent N.Y. Times Op-Ed essay explains why he said that Marvel Movies aren’t cinema. Francisco clarifies the definition by illustrating two criteria that only cinema possesses.

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“Joker” — Film as Behavioral Psychoanalysis October 23, 2019

Of all the qualities that audiences enjoy from film, character transformation is rarely considered, even though it is what marks all great films. Francisco discusses how the destruction of vulnerability is the chief feature of a great film character’s arc.

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Left and Right Brain Success Criteria October 11, 2019

Francisco provides a rare follow-up to his last podcast about success and fulfillment. In this podcast, he examines the cross-disciplinary definition of success beyond mere financial attainment. The socio-historical content of success in the end is not as important as the potential to reach the public and connect with them in a way that resonates and provides value. Whether it is Kim Kardashian, Walter Benjamin, or Galileo, the resonance of the work has served as a kind of Cassandra, even if the tragedy of success is that it might be for posterity and not for the present day.

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